Immersive Theatre for Roleplay

Instead of making Dungeons and Dragons a virtual game we're using virtual reality to increase the immersion of the board game and make it better for the players.

We want to capture erieness and fear of a dark crypt that links with the environment present on the table. By making them feel these feelings we successfully get them to become more immersed as their own characters. We try to encourage the players to become their characters and use their goals and potential actions rather than the player's, this promotes the idea of being in the alternate reality.

We're keeping a retro feel to the model because it's similar to retro gaming where they have quite flat dimensions throughout their design. We want flatness because it won't confuse players when theyh see the 2D drawing on the board.


First off the proposal didn't go so well because people who have never role played or have played/heard of Dungeons and Dragons found the proposal quite confusing. We learned that we can't just assume that anyone knows about a particular type of media out there. We could've expanded more on visuals but we didn't entirely know what the setup of the project would turn out to be. Testing and progress will help us though and we do have some idea of what it should be like now after the first week.

We managed to research quite a bit of information about roleplay, immersive theory and staged theatre and have discovered some things about them that unravelled some obstacles we didn't see before. But this is good because the more obstacles we overcome the more we learn so I'm glad we came across these because I was afraid that this outcome we were pursuing didn't have enough process.

I would like to improve our research skills to efficiently look up design principles when working with interior design especially with a dungeon. This is because when the time comes that we need to find out if this particular action will help us in the end so we need to look up design principles that we're prepared to do so. So I want to improve on preparation as well as researching skills.

I learnt how to manage time effectively using other types of media, I've learnt heaps of skills to do with Maya that will prove useful in the next couple of weeks. I've also learnt about spatial form and how we can manipulate it to get the effect that we want.

I've learnt numerous things about Maya which I could type on and on about but they're all just technical skills learnt as tacit knowledge now. As part of the process I've learnt to always keep backups every change thanks to the ‘Trip Wire' before. I've also learnt that it's okay to have your project seem less than what you originally wanted, that might not be a bad thing. We decided not to use character models because it had too much risk of ruining immersion.