Project: Charon


Project Description

A subversive story with a survey intro. The survey gathers information about the participant which adds to the story after the survey is completed. This project is to make people more aware about giving information online to organisations they don't know much about.

Project Story

A massive corporation has been secretly gathering information through a survey masked as trying to get opinions on a new tech system for controlling and synchronizing bus routes. A worker for this company who was part of the information gathering and selling has taken it upon himself to bring to light the issues of what is really going on. Through the completion of the survey, the worker attempts to contact the participant through multiple methods such as code execution, changing the survey and glitches. Once the survey is completed, the worker informs the participant that it is not just their information that is being used, but it is being used and watched by everyone they sell to. He informs the participant that they much bring to light these issues and be wary of giving their information away so freely online.


We hope to have a polished experience for viewers to be immersed in and be surprised what the exhibition is really about to entice them more into the meaning behind the exhibition.

Creative Technologies Proposition

The story is told through a survey which is a unique way to tell a story, an effective way to convey the meaning of the exhibition. It should impact people positively and getting them to think twice about internet security and giving away personal information.