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I have experience in 3D modelling, live event production, audio recording and manipulation, as well as basic coding in languages such as C++ and JavaScript. I’ve worked on various games and films within teams of my fellow BCT students.

In my free time I like to practice parkour, play my favourite games and make life sized, realistic props based off models and footage captured from film, television and games.

All In: A Game Of Chance

Play the game HERE!

This game is based on the stage play “All In” which was inspired by the “Tank Man” of Tiananmen Square who stood in front of a line of tanks to halt their advance.

The central ideas of the story in this game are that you, the player, like the Tank Man, can stop your dictatorial yet well-meaning opponent by calling his bluff; while he threatens to hurt you and is easily able to, he is unwilling as he is only trying to control you and help you.

Told in three parts through diverging and converging dialogue trees, the story unfolds as you rewind time. This is how the player learns the story and is able to therefore control the outcome and conclusion.

The game includes an original soundtrack of 18 songs that create immersion and guide the player on an emotional journey through the game as they play.

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Coffee and Students

An unhealthy relationship?

For my paper "Transdisiplinary Inquiry", I researched the role of coffee in the lives of students at Auckland University and AUT.

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In Block Three of Studio One we were tasked with a group project in which we had to imagine the technology of the future and create a short film describing is role in society. My group decided to make a near future science fiction film based aboard a prison ship where an artificial intelligence is forced to make an ethical choice to save human life.

I had an acting role and played a part in the story development but my main role was set, character and prop design and manufacturing.



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