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My Interests

Music Production

I have multiple interests in Music Production and Audio Engineering. I work with many people in my community to get their voice's heard.

Website Developer

Since High School I have learned how to write HTML CSS and Java. I have made websites in the past and I'd like to continue this path.

Game Design

I have always aimed to be a game designer especially in the arts field but since I have learned how to code, my term that I will be is a Technical Artist.


The projects and the papers I do in university.


Story By: 3iii

Transdisciplinary Inquiry


Project Coming Soon

Website Design

About Me

Here is a little about my story

  • 2011-2015

    High School Era

    In 2011 I started Studying in Rosehill College. I studied English, Spanish, Maths, Art and Computer programming. I played and represented my school in sports and in other in school events.

  • 2016

    First Year of Universitty

    My first year being a creative technologist was interesting. I was opened to having controll to my creativity, I saw that I had no bounds to what I could accomplish. I have major confidence in what I do now and I couldn't fully give a definition to a creative technologist.

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