The Exhibition

Here is the setup of my final exhibition. It is complete and looking pretty nice. It took me a while to get the video working how I wanted it to and there was a slight double booking. Other than that things ran pretty smoothly, I got all of my posters and the booklet printed off from printsprint in the hightest quality paper and the booklet bound with a metal ring. These subtle high quality touches should hopefully please the examiners (sorry for the poorly lit photo).

Video Creation

I had never done much video creation before this project. So learning how AfterEffects and Premiere Pro works in such a short time frame was a fairly large hill to climb. However I managed to produce a video which displays several of my features inside the app. It is quite funny on whilst I am creating it, I am thinking, “yes this is going so well, it is going to look so slick and tight’. Then once I rendered and compressed it, I watched it back and it was fairly underwhelming. So this was an interesting experience in learning new tools and methods.

Next time I were to create a video I would probably allow for at least 3 times as much as you think you need, cause far out it can stretch out for hours and hours for even doing the most basic thing. I also attempted to try filming me using my phone on a Go Pro to make it seem more authentic, however the lighting was a fairly big issue, another experiment that didn’t work out. I was hopelessly inefficient but hey, it worked and I produced something which I am sort of proud of.

Social Attitude

When developing an application you need to have a target audience in mind, your style should be tailored to their tastes. Since the majority of my users are a younger audience I decided to create some funny and engaging posters. I believe you can’t take everything too seriously in life, so injecting something fun, gives the app a nicer more friendly attitude.

Building something people will love

To build something people love there are rules to follow:

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