Full Room

What is Full Room?

Full Room is a service for businesses that specialise in selling outdoor/camping equipment. Full room allows these businesses to save large amounts of money, floor-space and explore the future/evolution of retail by displaying Outdoor tents through augmented reality. Full Room is able to be successfully introduced to any business that sell outdoor tents, and can easily justify the interests of company management and potential customers.

Full Room is a fully interactive experience designed to benefit both business and customers. It takes advantage of the expanding AR industry. The idea is to save outdoor retailers large amounts of showroom space by displaying 1:1 scale photorealistic holograms through Microsoft Hololens. Instead of a retailer only being able to display several constructed tents from their inventory whilst taking up disproportionate amounts of precious showroom space. The customers have will have access to immersive viewing of every tent in the store’s inventory.

Full Room addresses an issue that is fundamental to retail success, re-organising the store to make efficient. This is a known problem for outdoor equipment retailers, however I many of them may not be aware that this problem is able to be solved. Retail stores are continuously looking at ways to improve the in-store experience and explore new ways to stay ahead of competitors. Unfortunately retail stores have severely inflated rent so optimising the floor-space to display as much stock as possible without overcrowding the store is necessary to their survival.

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