Bachelor of Creative Technology

Studio VI - Trickster

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Studio V - Dada

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Synthetic Reality - Pelican Deliveries

Pelican Deliveries

Pelican Deliveries is a platform for customers to buy anything and get it delivered to their door with in an hour

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Transdiciplinary Inquiry - Research Paper

Infinit Watch

A Smart watch with the capability of an unlimited energy powerbank using the Searl Effect Generator.

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Studio 3 - Place

Ledger Mobile App

A mobile application that helps record & calculate your business expenses and travel log to reduce time wasted and costs with your accountant. Using the latest GPS tracking, mobile camera text scanning and database link to record everything you need as simple as possible

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Intergrative Practice Final Project

The Burning Cigarette

Something that has been burning my pocket for a while, this image symbolises the struggle I have financially and one of the main reasons that is happening to me is the addiction to cigarette. Even though it burns through my wallet and puts me in struggles to pay for everyday expenses, I seem to always have enough to buy this dirty habit of mine. One day there is a possibility that this could burn me down to the ground with nothing left, not just financial but also health.

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