I'm Anton Kleinos student in Auckland University of Technology located in New Zealand. Originally I am from Russia. I came from Vladivostok city far East of Russia when I was sixteen. During that time I live alone; however, I visit my family every half an year.

I'm studying Bachelor of Creative Technology in AUT and I'm almost finish my first year. This faculty is about being creative. You can find everything here and build up your own education however you want; moreover, when you will finish this degree you will become person which can connect different disciplines between each other. This happened because all the time you are studying with people from different background.

In the future I would like to study more about robotics and make it my main major. However, I also enjoy to study modelling, engineering, drawing, filming, visual effects, sounds and etc. It's not because I cannot choose what to do but because why should I restrict myself on the way of progress. I want to study different disciplinary like Leonardo da Vinci did.

Here you are able to find my works which I did during my first year of studying Bachelor of Creative Technology.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.

-Steve Jobs

Creative - not the craft, where you have to justify your salary;it is a craft, where you justify your salary. And kreatora career, as ephemeral as a career director of TV programs.

-Frederic Beigbeder

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Studio I


Card game created to keep you fit

During this project our team was looking how to connect card game and sport together. We created card game called Sportivo. Main aim of this game is to make your rival do as more exercises as possible where you should collect four same cards one of the famous sportswear brand. We found a lot of different exercises for your stamina and strength. Each exercises are quite short, however, it is enough to keep your game long and hard. Our team found perfect balance between relaxing and exercises so our game become fun and sportive all the same time.

Mainly this game were created to involve more young people into the sport; however, professionals also will be able to found their support in their way of health and success.

Studio I

Sound story

Exploring the sound

This project was dedicated to the sounds. I learnt that sound can support stories, films and etc. However, sound even can become a story itself. I started my exploration from the making a posters because it's same principle of making sound composition. You should connect all the pieces together and only then you'll get a composition or poster.

My second aim was to explore sound making by creating my own little sound story. After collecting all the sounds I decided that my story belong to the ocean because I collected a lot of sea sounds. I was imagining how I was diving into the water during making this story. Main purpose of this sound is relaxing and recovering after hard working day.

Finally our team created a performance from homemade musical instrument. I was playing on wine glasses because I saw a lot of videos how people were playing like this and I quite like this sound. Our team decided to play story about dreaming person. This guy think that he is in forest; however, after some time he heard some weird alien's noises. He is trying to escape from his dreaming but it's not so easy. Finally when aliens disappear he suddenly wake up...

Skunk Day


Airsoft from first point of view

Airsoft filming was my own idea not related to my university project; however, I decided to include this into my portfolio because I made this video during my first year and also because it is one of the subject which I would like to study.

Everything began from my first airsoft game. Straight after this game I bought my first airsoft pistol and started to watch a lot of video about airsoft. One of this videos inspired me and I wanted to make something similar. I created this video to show people what does it like to play airsoft and how do you feel there during combat by filming from the first point of view. It was really helpful that I could borrow GoPro camera from my university otherwise I needed money to buy my own motion camera. I spent a lot of time on choosing proper music for this project because I didn't find anything good in my playlist which suit to dynamic of this video. In general I quite like what I did; moreover, I'll definitely continue to work in such genre during my leisure time. Only one hope that I'll be able to buy my own camera soon.

Studio I

Just Smile

What makes us happy and how we shared it with the world

Our team decided to develop our last moving image project. First of all we chose that we want to share with people with the happiness. The best way to do it through our smiles so our decision was to show people what makes us happy. Our team decided to share with positive emotions through the video because it is the easiest way to do it in our days. Millions people every day watch a lot of videos from youtube or other video services to relax from their works or educations for some of us youtube replace televisions. All this people try to find something positive after working day something what we can offer to them like watching our video and forgot about their working routine for a while. We created a video which can make people fill happier after they watched it. The main reason that all people include us on the earth are different so there is a lot of different things which can make us happy. We took our favorite hobbies or something which we enjoy on our leisure time to show people that it is not important what make us happy important that we are happy during that time and we can share with you our happiness. Moreover, this video can make more people happy than only people who have already watched it. The reason is that when someone happy other people near you can fill it and also be more positive so when our audience watch our video they reflect positive emotion to their friends and relations. Another important thing is sometimes it is not matter what we are doing even if it is hard work. Important is that near you is standing your friend. Sometimes people can make each other happy just because they are close enough to communicate and lough together or share with their smiles, we showed it when our team were standing together and smiling to the camera. Also there is another small thing which is difficult to notice in our video. Audience can see a lot of different people from different countries with their own nationality, culture and religion. No one can think about people because of his colour of skin or his eyes shape so all people over the world can be happy and share with their smiles with each other. To sum up our final project appear because people should see more happiness in their lives instead of negative emotions.

After we finished our first version half of our team decided to make vanish our happy video because our team still got a lot of ideas how we could improve it. First of all me and my team made more sequences for our video because our main aim was to get rid of not ours frames. During that time was one thing which I always wanted to try. It was green screen or chromakey proper name for it. I have never worked with it before so I was really happy when I saw this huge chromakey in the studio with proper light and all of it our team were able to use use. My main mission in this project was editing our video and also a huge mistake. Person who created this video before me decided to work on another project and we realized that were working in different program. He was editing in IMovie program; however, I usually work in Adobe Premiere Pro. It is two different program with different saving files which is impossible to use in another program and I was only one person who knew how to work in editing programs. I did not have enough time to learn how to use IMovie and also I have got windows on my computer so I decided to start from the beginning. I copied all good parts from our last video which was no reason to change. And started to create our new video all over again with the correction which we wanted to make. I changed some sequences behind which we took from the internet last time. Also I added better parts with us and more smiling people in the end of our video. Also a small problem with this video was in the end. Other people from our team was looking for a sound which suit for this video and I added it in the end. I knew that it would be a good idea to try to integrate the sound with the video. To make it one piece I started to listen all the beats in this melody and try to change sequences during the beats especially in the middle of our video when the song become more calm our happy moments change to the sequence when we stand together. Sometimes it was difficult to make the sequences change with the beats because I copied some parts from the last videos. Also in the future I would like to work more with the green screen to get rid of green nimbus and learn how to make a colour correction in my future videos because if I use colour correction in the such work with chromakey the different footages would be looks like one same thing rather than people with the naked eye can told that it was green screen behind the person. To sum up I am happy with my work. I did a lot of changes in our last video but if I get more time I can do it even better.

Also if you are interesting in you can have a look our behind the scenes photos in my blog:

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    Skunk Day

    Airsoft Mask

    Building your own custom airsoft mask.

    During this year I was building a mask for airsoft. This project I did during my leisure time but I love what I achieved and would like to share this with you. This mask came from the "Army of Two" computer game. I have never played this game before; however, I like the shape of their masks and decided to build my own. I started this mask from the zero so I mean that I didn't use any other masks to build this shape. For foundation I used paper which I strengthen with epoxy glue and fiberglass. Further I put putty on the front side to make the proper shape. I spent quite a lot of time for the design. I didn't copy it from the game. My idea was to make two different sides of the mask like two face guy from the batman movie. I made a few mistake during the process but there were my first experience. Hopefully you like my work because soon I am going to build one more mask.

    Also if you are interesting in check out my blog. I wrote a lot there about process:

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    Studio II


    Our Alternate Reality Game - 3:41

    Our Team was working under ARG (Alternate Reality Game). It is such game where people play in real world. It can be fictional and true story. Huge companies use it to attract costumer's attention to their product. Our game was about evil company which make experiments under deadly viruses; moreover, they want to create a bioweapon. Players should help to find all four viruses and secure them in the special lab.

    During our ARG project I learnt a lot of new skills. Before I joined our team I was ill and then when I came to university our project begun week ago. I didn't have much choice and just joined a group where was not too many people. To be honest I was communicating before only with a few members. However, when I joined our team I understood that they didn't really knew each other even after one week which I missed. I thought that it is nice chance to start new project with new team where we don't know each other so well. After long discussion I understood that all of us were more quite people in the team. When we were discussing another idea it was sometime difficult because not a lot of members were sharing their ideas with us but it was nice opportunity for me like for students from overseas. I had lots of ideas and in calm atmosphere it was easy to share. Not all my ideas were supported by other members but quite a lot.

    Except sharing ideas and helping with other members I was incharge for QR-code puzzle. First of all I was worrying that my puzzle would be just a little clue to another huge puzzles; however, I developed it into full value puzzle. During this work I discovered that you can develop your work from the past. I found interesting design from my final project for design&drawing from last year.

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    Skunk Day

    Armor Mouse

    Tiger style armor mouse

    This project belong to my own exploration. One time I saw one Russian sculpture who modernize computer mice. I really loved this idea and decided to modernize my old mouse too. Russian artist was making mice to looks like it is cover with armor. I developed his idea by making also armor tiger style.

    I was thinking about tiger because it is one of my favorite animals. Moreover, it is flag of my hometown Vladivostok where I came from. In old time tigers were coming into our city, they were friendly if no one did some stupid things. Tigers became symbol for our city like when foreign country think about Russia they always think about bears.

    Studio II

    Airsoft Turret

    Airsoft Turret with remote controller hidden in aluminium suitcase.

    During this project I was making automatic airsoft gun (turret) with remote controller hidden in metal suitcase. Around a year ago I saw an automatic turret in the computer game and also I bought my first airsoft 1911 pistol and I thought it would be cool to build a real airsoft turret but those time I didn't have any physical computing knowledge. I saw a lot of videos how people crafted airsoft/paintball turret but no one really thought about hiding it in suitcase. Personally my opinion if you got a small (easy to carry) turret why not hide it for example in beautiful metal suitcase? It's like unfinished project. So I decided that one day I'll build my own turret for airsoft game...

    This day became true and I'll continue work on this project even when I'll finish my first year university. My first idea of hidden turret it can attract attention. If you see ready product you'll think that it is just suitcase but if I activate it all airsoft players will come to have a look what is it. However, main advantage why do I want this product is strategical benefit. No one suspect that you are hiding auto turret inside suitcase so there is effect of surprise. Also just imagine how clever is to locate this turret in the narrow corridor. Even a few people can protect space like this from decade players so it is extremely nice device to have if you like to play in close range field or building.

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