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The Fleetlings

Fantastical creatures;
Yours to own,
Who feed on sweet memories
and call your mind home.

If you have a secret,
It's quite safe with me -
Or flick us a thought
Of positivity.

Send us a positive thought,
a pretty memory, or something you've done recently
which helps you feel well...

These odd little critters, similar to a tank of fish, are called fleetlings - derived from the phrase, "fleeting thoughts."
Their purpose is simple; they are essentially virtual pets, which rely on you to feed them and keep them alive.
The difference is that rather than feeding on 'fish food,' smaller animals, or chocolate chips, fleetlings need positive thoughts for sustenance.
Your positive thoughts - which you can type into the text field above in order to feed them,
and prevent them from fading away...

Over the years, fleetlings have become increasingly rare due to a recurring wave of darkness seeping into their natural habitat;
but it is believed that combating this darkness with kind thoughts, taking care of ourselves, and helping others
- is the key to ensuring their continued survival.

Of A Fleetling

A fleetling's anatomy...

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