Creative Technology

After teaching for two years in the School for Computer and Mathematical Sciences at AUT, I moved to Colab, the collaboratory of Design & Creative Technologies at AUT University. Here, surrounded by creative technologists and artists as well as scientists and engineers, I re-discovered the creative part in me that is excited by new technology and the challenge to explore and experiment in the nexus of science, technology, and art.


April 2015 – LightWhale

This project is a new collaboration between Dr. Uwe Rieger and me, experimenting with projection mapping on moving objects.

The final installation will require a 30×30m space and be 18m long, being projected on from four sides. This is literally a very different scale of work compared to what I've done so far.

Using Unity to drive the projection mapping
Detail of the whale
Trying an actual whale skin texture

March 2015 – PUA

This project is the third collaboration between my colleague Gerbrand van Melle and me, showcased first at White Night 2015, a part of the Auckland Arts Festival, and later at the Prague Quadrennial 2015 as part of the NZPQ 2015 exhibition.

PUA is an audio-responsive, phonetic matrix of New Zealand’s birdlife under a dense typographic canopy. It is demonstrating the relation between humans and birds, with bird names appearing and disappearing, responding to the audience presence. The installation stresses the need to co-exist and addresses the territorial nature of New Zealand’s original inhabitants. PUA also allows the viewer to understand the phonetic relationship between each bird name and its call.

Preparations for the installation
PUA at White Night, Auckland Arts Festival 2015
PUA at White Night, Auckland Arts Festival 2015

November 2014 – Rookie, The AUT Fashion Show

This project was the second collaboration between my colleague Gerbrand van Melle and me. For the AUT Fashion Show "Rookie", we provided a custom software for the background projections that was reactive to the music and could be controlled to display the fashion designer names or the Rookie logo.

Backstage setup among the sound and light technicians
Dress rehearsal
Dress rehearsal
The render machines and the video system
The start of the show
Rookie 2014 in progress

December 2013 – SoundBites

This project was the first collaboration between my colleague Gerbrand van Melle and me.

What you see here are the recorded sounds sampled from a day in my life… my heartbeat, talking, eating, walking, sleeping. These sounds are converted into digital information and looped.

From Design Assembly: Sound Bites – A work in process

The software that converts sounds into 3D shapes
A 3D printed SoundBite
The exhibition before the opening
Invitation to the exhibition
Consuming SoundBites
Consuming SoundBites

Publications and Activities


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