Global Implications

Over the past couple of decades, Bee populations have been in decline worldwide and if this decline turns into an extinction then there would be many negative implications. If we try stop this problem now, then it would be beneficial for almost all horticulture and dairy across the globe.

The main reasons of this global extinction is due to the use of toxic pesticides on flowering plants which lead to the bee taking some of it back to the hive and then affecting the whole hive with the pesticide, eventually destroying their home and the entire swarm of bees potentially even other swarms and hives.....

What You Can Do To Conservate

Stop using Pesticides

The use of both commercial and recreational pesticides and insecticides has had a negative impact on the individual minds and the populations of bees across the world. Without the use of pesticides and insecticides the amount of honeybees will cease to lower and the ecosystems will prosper in the long run.

Plant more flowers

If we planted more flowers that can be pollenated by our bee friends, then there will be an abundance of pollen for the honeybees to collect and be converted to honey. This cycle can only occur if there is a large amount of flowering plants in an ecosystem and without it, the environment will suffer.

Get a Beehive

Although not cheap, Beehives are a great way to house and protect bees. They are also amazing for them to produce honey and other bees for the wellbeing of the planet which will decrease the chances of extinction. Another benefit is that you get free honey!