Immersive RP

Immersive Theatre for Role-play is a project based on Immersion Theory and incorporating that into the elements of Role-play. We’re using Dungeons and Dragons as a scaffold for out project to test the effectiveness of the immersion. We’ve recreated the typical setting of a Dungeons and Dragons play session to show how we’re using the model we created in its environment.

We utilised Autodesk Maya 2015 to create our 3D environment. The whole project was equally frustrating and rewarding as this project was out first time using Autodesk Maya and doing 3D modelling. I am super happy in the way the exhibition turned out as we both had a lot of problems along the way especially with texturing and rendering the final video.

Progress Pics

Some things we could have done better were definitely the overall texturing and creation of the 3D environment itself was quite a mission for both of us as this was all new, but after hours of Youtube videos and trial and error it was finally complete.

James and I found that once we learned how to use the different features of Maya, everything went mildly smoothly, for example, once we learned how to do the textures, al of them were completed within a day which was great. Our design principles were set from the very beginning and we were both focused on what we had to accomplish for our project and we both had the same visual idea of what we were going to do.

Our project has a lot of potential for expansion, especially with the Oculus Rift and physical control with a controller. Both of these aspects would create more immersion in the environment with the introduction with some interaction for the player(s). Without exhibition we used the sight, hearing and touch senses and adding a virtual interactive element would increase immersion even further.

I feel this project has bridged the gap between roleplay and acting to technologic immersion.





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