LARA GALEA Creative Technologist
In charge of Technology, I worked with muscle wires and pressure sensors to simulate the movement of Darling's breathing lesions. When both pressure sensors based on Darling's knees are pressed by the performer, the brown, mole-like lesions expand and contract with the aid of muscle wire, creating an effect similar to breathing. The gesture required for this activation is a further exaggeration of her slouched, defensive state as she has to reach down to rest her hands on her knees and hunch over further. This adds to her character as a struggling genetically modified character, who stops and hides within herself defensively to regain her breath, like that of an animal. 

Runner Up WOW Factor Award in 2016 World of Wearable Arts Show A vulnerable, fleshy, ashamed circus freak of the future with mechanical lesions. Darling featured in the World of Wearable Arts 2016 show. We were awarded Runner Up to the WOW Factor Award for our piece's innovativeness and "wow" factor.
Created alongside Sophie McIntyre and Katriel Worrall for the World of Wearable Arts Competition (WOW). The section entered was the "Big Top" days from 1884 projected in to a bleak world of 2084, where the circus comes to town in all of its
whimsical glory. "Darling" is the
freaky, fleshy and oddly adorable circus freak we created to explore the ideas of posthumanism and embodiment through pushing the boundaries between costume and character. Darling embodies feelings of shame and struggle, that are communicated through her hunched, defeated posture and shape. We wanted the audience and anyone who met Darling to feel uncomfortable and uneasy in her presence, yet intrigued and slightly empathic towards her. Using laser-printed imaged of our skin tones camouflaged together to form a disturbing skin-like fabric, we gave her an element of relatability and humanness.