About Me

I am an aspiring Game Developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am currently in my third and final year of studying a Bachelor of Creative Technologies. I have experience in writing, programming and composing for games.

My Work

All In: A Game of Chance

An interactive story I developed with Nathan Newland, released in June 2017. I wrote the script and soundtrack, did the majority of the programming, and was responsible for the game's creative direction.

Based on a play I wrote, this choice-based adventure game presents its story in three parts, each of them iterations of a different story (the story of the play). By telling the story differently each time based on the player's knowledge, the game becomes a story about a story.

The game features full voice acting and an arranged soundtrack of 18 songs.

Play the game here and download the soundtrack here.

Project Kōwhai

An educational experience about survival in the New Zealand bush, developed with Kōwhai Studio and shown at the AUT Creative Technologies Showcase 2017.

With its relentlessly realistic graphics, sound, and mechanics, Project Kōwhai is made to teach players how to survive when you're lost in the bush.

Visit its website here.

Project Eightmotifs

A theme song generator based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that I made in June 2016. I wrote a solo instrumental track representing each individual letter used to classify MBTI types, and made a program to allow the user to select their own MBTI type and theme song.

Troposphere: The Sky is the Limit

A platform game finished in October 2016. I was responsible for the majority of the game's programming and creative direction. You can download a .exe of the finished game here.


A short film released in August 2016. I wrote the initial script, portrayed a newscaster and arranged the theme. You can see the film here and listen to the arrangement here.


I wrote a small collection of theme music about various famous people and friends of mine and released them in May 2016. You can listen to them here.

All In

A play I wrote, directed, starred in and scored that was performed as part of ADAPT's "Who Has Yours" show in October 2016. It explored ideas about the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square through a context of a negotiation and a metaphor of a poker game. You can listen to the score here.

The Soul Incentive

A play I helped to write that was performed in June 2017. It followed an intern in an office in Hell getting to know his coworkers, who each represented on of the Seven Deadly Sins. I wrote several scenes and helped cast the characters/conceptualise the story.

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